Order Pads

With the fast pace we now live in, order pads that can be utilized on the spot in the presence of our clients are becoming imperative for providing quick, efficient and professional service.

With an on-line, cloud based order pad, structured in the same manner as a shopping cart, your sales staff will no longer have to be slowed down by the many nuisances encountered with the traditional method of placing orders. Large spreadsheets and illegible handwritten notes taken while with a client that can easily be misplaced are a thing of the past. And no longer do you have to place an order and days later find out that it is out of stock.

With our Cloud Based order pad, the data is well structured and easily searched. Placing an order is as easy as shopping on-line. Inventory count can be displayed on the screen, allowing you to make decisions while with your client. Your client’s typical orders can be stored as a wish list, making reordering uncomplicated and quick.

In addition, our system is designed to encourage client participation. In this manner, your clients will become comfortable using the system and can eventually start to enter their own orders. This is especially effective for clients who are difficult to reach. Not only do clients appreciate the convenience, the system also frees your time and resources to focus on new clients.