EDI Integration

Are you selling to big box stores? Need an EDI system that works hand in hand with your ERP and e-commerce site? Concerned that this will require endlesss programing??

Heuristic EDI (HEDI) represents a completely new paradigm for integrating EDI functionality with business applications. Until now, developers wanting to add EDI capability to their application were caught in an endless loop of tedious custom programming, and arcane integration with proprietary 3rd party mapping and translation software. It is not uncommon for substantial EDI implementation to require dozens, if not hundreds of custom programs and mappings. Typically, the developer must code specifically to address the demands of various trading partners’ eclectic interpretations of numerous standards and hundreds of document types. It is no wonder that many companies have dismissed EDI as a viable methodology for business to business communications and only implement it when they have no choice or when critical business partners demand it.

Heuristic EDI changes all this by eliminating the complexity and variability of communicating via EDI. HEDI was specifically designed to integrate the application development environment with the world of EDI transparently. The developer programs the business logic as usual, and need not concern himself with how a trading partner might interpret the standards. HEDI completely eliminates the need for the programmer to program a specific trading partner relationship or mapping but rather presents the developer with an intuitive set of databases that are largely independent of EDI terminology. Instead of loops, segments and element Id’s the programmer is concerned only with database objects like Purchase Order Number, Bill of Lading, UPC code and so on. HEDI performs this wizardry by utilizing a knowledge base that incorporates all North American EDI standards for all existing documents types. This includes all UCS, VICS and X12 Standards from 2040 to 4010.

HEDI employs both artificial intelligence and a heuristic self-learning algorithm and it will build the requisite data structures to accommodate any EDI document or standard in seconds. Just read your raw EDI data into it and HEDI will validate it against standards, learn it’s meaning and build whatever databases are necessary to link to your application. Similarly, give HEDI an example of what a particular trading partner is looking for and it will build the required profile to generate EDI for that partner instantly. Populate the programmer friendly databases with the appropriate details from your applications and HEDI will output the same information formatted for any EDI standard for even the fussiest trading partner with no additional programming or mapping whatsoever. Moreover, since HEDI was designed to integrate seamlessly with the Magic development environment it builds all table definitions in Magic readable format.