Customized CRM Systems

Are your sales efforts hampered by a lack of organization? Are your salesmen dropping the ball, not following up on quotes and potential new clients? Is keeping track of who and when to call taking you more time than making the calls in the first place? And are you constantly looking for old e-mails to see a dialogue or quote history with a client?

Integrating a custom CRM system into your e-commerce site or quotation system is sure to improve your sales closing rate. Let the CRM system automatically schedule a follow up call as soon as you send out a quote. Have the system send you a follow up reminder via e-mail or text message. Add notes or reschedule directly from that text message without ever having to go into the back office to make those updates.

Keep track of e-mails sent to a client through their contact in the CRM. View their quoting and order history with a click of a mousse, never again worrying about not being certain what you quoted the last time.